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Divorce Attorneys For High-Asset Minnesotans

For those with high-income careers or a substantial net worth, asset division in divorce can be very complicated. You need an attorney capable of untangling complex financial assets and fighting for a fair and reasonable property division settlement. Messick Law, PLLC guides wealthy individuals through Minnesota’s divorce process using a deep level of experience and commitment to positive results.

You deserve quality legal advice and advocacy to preserve your share of the marital wealth. Schedule a consultation today at 651-505-2655 or by visiting our contact page.

How Complex Property Division Works In Minnesota

Minnesota divorce law requires couples to divide up their marital assets equitably. Couples need not split their marital property 50-50. Instead, the property settlement must be fair to both parties. Marital assets refer to most things acquired during the marriage. For couples with substantial wealth, this generally includes retirement accounts like a 401(k); investments like stocks, stock options and bonds; real estate like the family home, vacation and rental properties; and valuable personal property such as jewelry, classic cars and artwork. A family business can also potentially be up for division.

Disputes over the value of assets and whether they are marital or nonmarital property can complicate a divorce. The Family Law group understands what is at stake in asset division and what it takes to ensure our clients continue to enjoy the same quality of life they experienced during their marriage. Our team uses all available resources to get an accurate picture of the extent and value of the marital property and works toward a carefully tailored settlement that respects our client’s property rights.

Discuss Your Property Division Matters With Our Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is not easy, but with experienced legal help, you can enter the next phase of your life with a fair share of the family wealth you helped build. Messick Law, PLLC routinely handles divorce cases involving complex asset division matters with successful results. Contact our office or call 651-505-2655 to schedule a consultation.