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Reliable Representation In Elder And Special Needs Law

Our seniors and persons with special needs are some of our most cherished people. Sadly, they also constitute one of the most vulnerable groups to those who would prey upon them. Minnesota law provides protections for people who cannot make decisions regarding their person or property, which include guardianships, conservatorships and protective arrangements. As elder and special needs lawyers in Minnesota, we have extensive experience initiating these protective procedures, which maximize the liberties of vulnerable persons, while providing needed protection and oversight.

For people who are receiving public benefits, there are additional concerns regarding protecting and preserving limited resources. There are means of creating special funding arrangements for their personal needs called special and supplemental needs trusts. We have experience creating and managing these trusts.

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We Care About Our Seniors And Persons With Special Needs

We are stark defenders of the rights of people who are the most vulnerable. When it comes to the elderly and our loved ones with special needs, our extensive grasp of the related laws enables us to perform a wide variety of services from protective arrangements to reviewing Individualized Education Programs. Our client-centric approach to cases also gives us the necessary understanding to handle the most sensitive cases.

Sometimes, you simply need the backing of a robust elder and special needs attorneys in Minnesota with the experience and resources to make sure the best interests of those who are most vulnerable will be upheld. We are that team.

The following are examples of cases that we have handled for vulnerable persons and those with special needs:
  • Implementation of guardianships, conservatorships and protective arrangements
  • Assisting guardians and conservators with the administration of their duties
  • Establishment of special and supplemental needs trusts
  • Review of IEP plans and denials of IEP services
  • Representing persons subject to guardianship and conservatorship
  • Assisting clients in navigating Medical Assistance and waivered services

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