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Prepare Now To Pass On Your Business To Your Successors

It is never too early, as a business owner, to anticipate the ideal endgame for your enterprise. Do you hope to grow your business and sell it for a profit someday? Do you hope to work at your chosen occupation your entire life if possible? Or do you hope to pass on the business to your business partners or adult children? Whatever long-range plans you have in mind, legal advice on business succession planning can help you clarify your goals and work toward them purposefully and constructively.

At Messick Law, PLLC, our clients are both individuals and businesses. We help business owners align business succession plans with their personal estate plans and adapt confidently to changes in finances, family structure or business makeup.

Plan For The Future Methodically And Intentionally

As your business matures, you will likely discover directions for the future, such as:

  • Which parts of the business should endure long term
  • Which parts may be partitioned off or discontinued at some point
  • The unique talents that your top business partners and/or your sons, daughters or other family members bring to the table.

Combining these insights with long-range fiscal and branding goals can help you devise a quality business succession plan that will help each phase of the business flourish to the greatest extent possible.

Our business law attorneys can help you map out ways to minimize taxes, prevent legal challenges and otherwise use business savvy to your advantage. Proactive planning can save your business money down the road and help avoid litigation as well as prepare to survive any legal challenges that may arise. Business succession planning may even be the key to your company’s survival in a competitive marketplace.

Schedule A Consultation At Your Convenience

Ask for a lawyer’s help with needs analysis, risk management and step-by-step positioning of the right people and resources needed to make your business succession plan a reality. Our experience, dedication and preparedness can be assets for growing and preserving your Minnesota business.

From law offices in Saint Paul, Woodbury, and Faribault, we serve business clients throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area and beyond. For customized business succession planning strategizing, call 651-505-2655 or send an email inquiry.