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Helping Solve Your Real Estate Partition Concerns

Whether you purchased the property jointly with someone else or acquired it through an inheritance, co-ownership of property can trigger numerous disputes. In Minnesota, a partition or quiet title action may be used to resolve the dispute, divide it or force the sale of the property.

Our experienced team of real estate attorneys at Messick Law, PLLC, have the experience to handle partition actions. We will work with you to provide personal and comprehensive legal solutions and fight for the most favorable outcome possible. Whether your real estate partition case can be solved through negotiations outside of court or requires litigation, our highly skilled attorneys can help you.

With The Right Representation, Dividing Your Property Doesn’t Always Have To Be A Loss

Filing a partition action becomes necessary when the co-owners of real estate are unable to come to a compromise or agreement. The court will review the case and determine what the best option is. The property may be equitably divided, meaning each owner receives part of the property. However, you may have to sell the property because the division is impracticable or impossible.

Litigation isn’t the only option in these cases. Depending on the circumstances of your case, we can also help you with alternative dispute resolution, creating partnership agreements, or even creating an LLC for managing the use of the property.

Division of property is a complex process that often requires the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney. We consider many factors when discussing a partition action, including title issues, easements and taxes. With over a decade of experience, you can trust our team of real estate attorneys to help you meet your goals and succeed in your partition action.

The Personalized Attention That You Deserve

Serving clients across Minnesota, we can help you with your real estate and partition action case. We are highly skilled negotiators and litigators who provide comprehensive solutions to clients on various issues. Contact us today at 651-505-2655 or complete an online contact form to schedule a consultation.