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Experienced Business Formation Lawyers In Minnesota

Determining the right legal entity is a critical first step in business formation. At Messick Law, PLLC, we remove the stress that comes with entity selection. Our business formation attorneys in Minnesota have served startups across different industries, helping them set up their business correctly. We also help clients prevent internal disputes and compliance issues that can threaten their company’s success. Apart from business formation, our team also focuses on complex matters involving business litigation, shareholder rights, business contracts, financing, mergers and acquisitions.

Messick Law’s business formation lawyers in Minnesota are here to help set your business up for success. Contact us to discuss your business needs today. Reach us online or by calling 651-505-2655.

Things To Look For In A Business Formation Lawyer

Depth Of Experience

The nuances of business formation law can be difficult to understand. An experienced attorney can help you foresee potential issues and help you establish your business entity with minimal stress and delay.

Rapport And Compatibility

Since you will be spending significant time together, you want a lawyer who you can trust and someone who can communicate effectively with you. An effective lawyer is one who is approachable, compassionate and available when you need them.

Industry-Specific Skill

Your lawyer should be well-versed in the legal regulations applicable to your industry so they can provide the protection you need throughout the formation process.

About The Firm

Steven Messick established Messick Law, PLLC in June 2020. He was a former associate and shareholder in the law firm of J. Scott Braden, P.A., in Faribault, Minnesota and a judicial law clerk to the Honorable Judge Thomas M. Neuville (retd). The firm helps startups anticipate opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Through proper research and planning, we help ensure your company’s long-term success.
Attorney Steven Messick

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a business formation attorney?

A business formation attorney in Minnesota can help you select and set up the appropriate legal entity for your business. They can also protect your company from taxation issues, employee matters, compliance problems and other potential legal issues as you start your operations.

When do I need to hire a business formation attorney?

Do not wait until you are sued or caught up in a legal dispute to seek legal advice. Ideally, you want to hire a lawyer at the onset of the startup process. This ensures all legal bases are covered from day one, helping you reduce risks and delays.

What are the types of business entities?

The type of entity you choose dictates both the structure of your company and how your business will be taxed. Business entities can take the form of a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, S corporation and limited liability company.

Why Choose Us?

A Results-Focused Approach

Our business formation attorneys in Minnesota follow a personalized approach, providing clients with valuable insights at every stage of business formation. We strive to deliver swift and efficient resolutions no matter the scale of your needs.

Unrivaled Expertise

Steven Messick has over 10 years of experience handling matters involving business formation. Our lawyers have a notable track record in commercial law and have been recognized by Super Lawyers® as Rising Stars since 2019.

A Complete Range Of Legal Solutions

Messick Law, PLLC offers practical solutions for various legal issues concerning business law, family law, civil litigation, real estate disputes and many others.

Get Help Starting Your Business Today

Messick Law, PLLC removes the stress that comes with starting a business in Minnesota. Book a consultation now and get valuable input in all areas of business formation, from contracts to licensing and taxation. Call 651-505-2655.