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Mechanic’s Liens: Powerful Legal Tools To Ensure Proper Payment For Builders

Without mechanic’s liens, many contractors might never be paid for work they have done on construction projects. Despite project developers’ calculations and pledges, they often fall short of cash and leave parts of projects unpaid.

At Messick Law, PLLC, we apply our well-honed business contract and litigation skills to protect the interests of our clients, including property owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors and lenders, who are involved in mechanic’s liens transactions.

A Brief Summary Of Our Liens Services

Change orders, delays and disputes sometimes drive the costs of a construction project beyond the readily available resources. A builder who completes a project but then is not paid cannot stay commercially viable for long without legal tools to recover costs. With a mechanic’s lien, a builder may recover proper remuneration eventually – even if it is much later.

Our attorneys handle all legal aspects of mechanic’s liens from beginning to end. We draft them and help ensure that our contractor clients follow proper procedures, including:

  • Serving pre-lien notices
  • Filing mechanic’s liens with the county recorder correctly and in a timely manner
  • Initiating court action to foreclose on a property with an unfulfilled lien within a year of the last work done on a project

Depending on clients’ priorities and preferences, we may foreclose on properties with unfulfilled liens or negotiate settlements to be followed by the release of the liens. As necessary, we obtain judgments and enforce judgments with mechanic’s liens as a basis for litigation. When a judgment has been issued, we can prosecute foreclosures resulting in the sale of the properties and repayment of our clients.

Bring Your Mechanic’s Lien Needs To Our Attention

We will gladly listen to your story, evaluate your case and let you know how we can help your construction company stay profitable with the strategic use of mechanic’s liens.

To schedule a consultation with a construction law attorney about your need to file a lien or defend against a lien, call 651-505-2655 or email us.