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Will Spousal Maintenance Be Part Of Your Minnesota Divorce?

In connection with a Minnesota divorce, the court may award one party monthly spousal maintenance (what other states call alimony). A spouse may need maintenance if they do not have enough income to provide for their own needs, considering the standard of living established during the marriage.

A maintenance order may be temporary or permanent. The Court will consider the following factors:

  • The time needed for the financially dependent spouse to get an education or training so as to be self-supporting
  • The standard of living that was established while the couple were married
  • The length of the marriage
  • The length of a homemaker’s absence from the workforce while married
  • The loss of earnings and opportunities due to the absence from the workforce
  • The age and health of the spouse seeking support
  • The ability of the other spouse to meet the needs of the spouse who is seeking support
  • Each spouse’s contribution to the marital home and/or the other spouse’s occupation or business
  • Private agreements between the spouses to forego spousal maintenance

Spousal maintenance can be resolved out of court as well and include a waiver against future requests for modification or extension of the duration of maintenance. It is important to have experienced family law attorneys, like Messick Law, PLLC, to counsel you on the options when facing a spousal maintenance need or award.

We Represent Either Side In A Spousal Maintenance Dispute

Our clients have included both payers and payees of spousal maintenance. We are prepared to conduct detailed discovery to account for the complex nuances of these types of claims.

Get Personalized Counsel About Spousal Maintenance

From law offices in Saint Paul, Woodbury, and Faribault, our accomplished, respected attorneys are available to hear your side of the story and explain how we can pursue the right result for you before or after a Minnesota divorce that includes a spousal maintenance order.

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