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Reliable Child Custody Lawyers In Minnesota

Messick Law, PLLC has child custody attorneys in Minnesota ready to represent you in your custody battle. You will get experienced representation and empathetic counsel about your rights and responsibilities as a parent in the eyes of the court.

A strong case starts with a working understanding of the state’s laws governing child custody. In this section, we will discuss the types of child custody in Minnesota, emergency custody and residency requirements.

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Types Of Child Custody

In Minnesota, there is legal custody, physical custody and parenting time (sometimes known as “visitation”). Legal custody means the right to determine a child’s upbringing, including decisions that cover health care, religion and education. Physical custody means the routine daily care and control and residence of a child. Parenting time is the time a parent spends with a child regardless of the custodial designations.

When making judgments about child custody, the court must consider and review over a dozen specific factors, including the needs of the child, the health of the parents, the effect of the parents’ proposed parenting time solution and more. The court may grant sole legal and physical custody to one parent. The court may also grant joint physical and legal custody to both parents. In some cases, one parent may get sole physical custody while legal custody is shared. This can also happen the other way around. The custody decision of the court can vary from one child to another, even in the same family.

Residency Requirement For Custody In Minnesota

For child custody disputes to be decided by a court in Minnesota, the child must have resided in the state, with a parent or a guardian, for at least 180 days or six months before the court proceedings begin. For children living with another parent in a different state, the situation may be covered by interstate custody. These are more complex issues, and we recommend consulting with our child custody lawyers to discuss your options.

Emergency Custody

In cases where there is an immediate threat to the child’s safety because of abuse, violence or abduction, the court may issue a temporary emergency ex parte order, which grants one parent temporary custody of the child. There are several factors and statutes to consider and follow in order for this to take effect. Consulting with a seasoned child custody attorney in Minnesota is the best first course of action in this situation.

Choosing The Right Attorney For Your Family

The right representation in child custody disputes is essential to navigating your custody case. Here are three benefits we promise our clients.

Effective Representation

As your child custody lawyers, we will always advocate for you and your child’s best interests. We will guide you through all your options including mediation, private dispute resolution and courtroom litigation.

Excellent Record

Working with us means you get the backing of a law firm with a robust list of successful child custody disputes. We have the experience to advocate for your case in courtroom litigation and out-of-court negotiation.

We have helped our clients in the following cases and more:

    • Protection orders
    • Child custody between parents
    • Third-party custody
    • Child support
    • Parenting time

Experienced Counsel

We not only know the law, but we also have the experience to meaningfully apply this knowledge to the facts of your case. Most importantly, we help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a parent and empower you with the support needed to make the best decisions for your family.

Find Answers And Get Started

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