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Top-Rated Business Litigation Attorneys In Minnesota

The attorneys at Messick Law, PLLC are experienced in commercial disputes at all levels of value and complexity. Our business litigation attorneys in Minnesota are well-versed in business contracts, shareholder rights, financing issues, business formation, mergers and acquisitions. From negotiating out-of-court settlements to representing your interests in court, trust us to swiftly resolve issues and minimize disruption to your business.

Get Effective Legal Representation

Whether you are initiating an action or being sued, trust us to deliver legal solutions that help protect your company’s best interests. Book a consultation now and let us resolve your dispute swiftly with minimal impact on your business.

What To Consider When Choosing A Business Litigation Lawyer

Level Of Experience

How long have they been practicing law, specifically business litigation? To achieve your desired outcome, choose a lawyer who has vast experience working with businesses and cases like yours.

Character And Professionalism

Finding an attorney that you can trust is extremely important, as you will be entrusting the future of your business to this individual. You want an attorney who is not only optimistic but is also frank when it comes to discussing the potential risks involved in your case.


A solid list of achievements and successful cases is usually a good sign that you are working with a reliable and competent attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a business litigation attorney in Minnesota?

Minnesota district court requires all business entities including LLCs, corporations and certain partnerships to have a licensed lawyer represent them.

What can a business litigation attorney do for me?

From drafting the necessary motions to negotiating settlements, a business litigation lawyer will bring tremendous value to your case. They can guide you through the complex legal process, helping you limit risks and save time and money.

When do I need to hire a business litigation attorney?

A business litigation attorney can help you handle various disputes such as intellectual property issues, breach of contract claims, business torts, shareholder lawsuits and employment litigation, among others. The earlier you consult with an attorney, the more time we have to develop a winning case strategy.

In Minnesota state court, a plaintiff can wait for up to a year before filing the summons and complaint with the court. But this does not mean the lawsuit hasn’t started. A lawsuit officially begins once the defendant is served. A defendant usually has 21 days to respond to the complaint. Both parties proceed to discovery once the answer has been served. Depending on the circumstances, discovery may last anywhere between four to eight months. Then the attorneys discuss whether to ask for a summary judgment. However, if neither party can establish the critical facts of the dispute, then the case goes to trial.

Why Choose Messick Law, PLLC?

Vast Litigation Experience

Steven Messick has over 10 years of experience in complex business litigation cases. Our team has the skills and resources to simplify case management and help you make winning decisions.

Premier Legal Advisors

Our business litigation attorneys in Minnesota boast a successful track record and are part of the Super Lawyers Rising Star list since 2019. Our founder, Steven Messick, is currently a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association Council and serves as a referee on the Rice County Conciliation Court.

Comprehensive Legal Solutions

Messick Law, PLLC serves families and businesses across Minnesota. Apart from business disputes, we focus on complex legal concerns involving family law, civil litigation, real estate law and many others.

Book A Consultation Today

Regardless of the type of business dispute you are facing, it is risky to represent yourself in court. At Messick Law, PLLC, we explore all potential avenues to resolve cases swiftly and efficiently. That said, we will not hesitate to deliver aggressive courtroom representation when prudent or necessary. Book a consultation and protect your business from the most contentious disputes. Call 651-505-2655.