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When A Construction Project Needs A Change Order, Be Ready To Respond

Construction contracts normally include provisions for the addition or removal of work orders during construction projects to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. Known as change orders, these variations in the original contract must then be fleshed out with all the important details: what extra work is to be done, what materials will be needed, how much longer the project’s completion will take and what the additional costs will be.

Both technical and legal adjustments are necessary to comply with a change order efficiently. Negotiations may be part of the process. The contract law attorneys at Messick Law, PLLC, represent parties involved in construction projects throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, southern Minnesota and the surrounding areas.

Who Our Clients Are, And Why They Appreciate Our Smooth Operations

Our change order clients include general contractors, subcontractors, business owners, architects, material suppliers and other parties involved in building residential, commercial, industrial and public works projects. Well-prepared, proactive builders adjust their plans and processes without treating change orders as emergencies but rather as common occurrences in the world of construction.

Streamlining legal aspects of change orders can go a long way toward containing cost overruns resulting from change orders. Our lawyers can help with all aspects of change orders that are due to unforeseen circumstances, from drafting them to negotiating sign-offs and, when necessary, litigating disputes over them.

Discover The Benefits Of Working With Messick Law, PLLC

In construction, as in all worthwhile, challenging endeavors, every case is unique. So are our solutions. We provide comprehensive solutions for complex legal matters, including unexpected change orders. With our help, what starts out seeming like a problem can become part of an efficient solution to unexpected difficulties.

Our attorneys serve construction clients throughout the life cycle of their projects, from conception and bidding to managing work sites and change orders, to arranging for final inspections. For personalized service at a tech-savvy, up-to-date construction law firm, call 651-505-2655 or complete an inquiry form.