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When Your Divorce Includes A Business

One spouse may be an independent business owner or own in partnership with others. In other cases, the spouses, who are partners in life, are also business partners.

Whether the goal is to have one spouse keep the business, to co-manage it as divorced individuals, or sell the business interest to another partner or new buyer, Messick Law, PLLC, is a strategic choice for both the family law and business law aspects of your situation.

Every Case Is Unique And So Is The Optimal Solution

Thanks to our years of experience and our strong reputation and track record in both business law and family law in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and southern Minnesota, we are ready to help you craft the solution that will serve your needs best.

With our overlapping skills in family law and business law, we can help you address key issues such as:

  • Accurate business valuation
  • A fair summarization of each spouse’s contributions to the business throughout the marriage and possibly before marriage
  • Determination of the value of the business’s goodwill, intellectual property and other intangible assets, as well as real estate, equipment, inventory and all tangible property
  • Revising the business growth and succession plan(s), if appropriate, along with the split brought on by the divorce

Whatever your plan for the fate of your business, Messick Law, PLLC, is here to support you.

Let’s Talk Business Along With Marital Dissolution

We are confident we can help you move forward in a positive direction even in the face of divorce. To schedule a consultation, call 651-505-2655 or send an email inquiry for a prompt response.