Reliable Adoption Attorney in Minnesota

Reliable Adoption Attorney in Minnesota

If you are considering adoption, an adoption attorney in Minnesota can help you file the paperwork, represent you in court, and ensure your rights are protected. The team at Messick Law excels in family law cases including adoption, divorce, child support, custody, and orders for protection.

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Messick Law can assist you every step of the way, from finding the right agency to adopt from to preparing the required documentation. Contact our team of adoption attorneys in MN and get expert guidance on the legal adoption process.

What to consider when selecting the right adoption attorney in Minnesota


Breadth of experience

Different states have different laws about adoption. Your adoption attorney should be knowledgeable in the nuances of Minnesota adoption law. Likewise, they must have experience dealing with adoption disruptions and dissolutions.



Apart from technical expertise, character and mutual respect should also factor into your decision. Find someone who is trustworthy, exercises good judgment, and is considerate of your time and goals.



An effective lawyer patiently explains complicated matters and provides powerful yet easy-to-understand advice.

Types of Adoption in Minnesota

To ensure your adoption meets all legal and ethical standards, you will need to work closely with an adoption attorney in MN.  

Below are the different types of adoption:

  • Direct Placement Adoptions. Also known as private or independent adoption, this occurs when the birth mother/parents selects the adoptive parent(s) and places the child directly with them.
  • Relative Adoptions. Occurs when the adopting parent is related to the child within three degrees of relationship on either the paternal or maternal side.
  • Agency Adoptions. In Minnesota, lawyers are not allowed to match children with adoptive families. Instead, children are matched with a family through state-licensed adoption agencies.
  • Step Parent Adoptions. Occurs when a step parent legally adopts a child of their current spouse.
  • Adult Adoptions. Occurs when a person aged 18 and above is adopted by another adult.
  • Contested Adoptions. Occurs when another person, usually the child’s biological parents, is objecting to the adoption.
  • Interstate Adoptions. When a child is born in one state but will be moving to another state where the adoptive parents reside.

What to Expect During an Adoption Court Procedure

Under Minnesota law, all adoptions must be processed in court to ensure the child’s best interests are protected. The adoption process may vary depending on the type of adoption, but general guidelines include:

  • Petitioner(s) must be a resident of Minnesota for one year unless they are related to the adoptee
  • The juvenile court of the judicial district for the county where petitioner(s) reside has jurisdiction;
  • Petitioner(s) must file a “Petition,” a proposed adoption “Decree,” and other relevant documents depending on the type of adoption
  • A background check and home-study of the Petitioner(s) are performed
  • A hearing before a judge will take place
  • If the petition is granted, an adoption Decree will be issued by the court.

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