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Statutory Warranty

Minnesota Statutes Chapter 327A provides warranties that cover construction of a new dwelling or major home improvement projects.  As in many other areas of law, …

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Domestic Violence and Harassment Protective Orders

Minnesota law allows for three types of protective orders. Learn more about each of these orders and how they function at Messick Law PLLC.

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Securing Payment for Work or Materials Through A Mechanics Lien

It is not uncommon for contractors or suppliers to be left without payment after finishing their work. Contact our Minnesota civil litigation attorney to help through a mechanic’s lien.

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The Roles of Guardians and Conservators

Guardianships and Conservatorships Sometimes the ones we love are not able to handle their own finances or medical decisions. When you realize that your loved …

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Understanding Custody and Parenting Time

Minnesota’s custody laws are gender-neutral, but other factors take precedence in a court’s decision.

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